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About Us - Microwave Solutions, Inc.
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Performance and value engineered to spec.

Our History

Microwave Solutions, Inc.® was founded in 1984 with the primary mission of providing high quality microwave and RF amplifiers to the military and industrial markets. The name was chosen because we wanted to show we recognized that our real mission wasn’t just providing hardware, but rather that our focus is solving a customer’s technical problems.

If you remember, 1984 was a good year to start a new microwave amplifier company! We knew this because right away we noticed we had a lot of competitors who were also recent start-ups.  Our first order was from a major aero-space company for a dozen thin-film amplifiers operating at a classified Ku-band frequency. At that point we were basically just a three person company consisting of just the founder and two assemblers. So for us, this was a quite a technical, engineering, manufacturing and administrative challenge!   We had to really work to get our Q/A and manufacturing capabilities qualified by our customer while at the same time doing the engineering design and getting all the paperwork completed for our security clearance and all the other state & federal government regulations.   Not only did we successfully complete that order but we were subsequently awarded additional contracts for hundreds of more units from that same customer, sometimes competing, successfully, against companies that had thousands of employees.  


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Today, our sales are worldwide and our customers number in the thousands. Microwave Solutions, Inc.® has earned a reputation for providing microwave products that meet the highest standards in the industry. Strong relationships with our suppliers gives MSI the ability to commit to quality control and on-time delivery of parts to our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Microwave Solutions, Inc.® upholds this reputation by maintaining a strong engineering base, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a professional staff dedicated to the principle that the keys to satisfied customers are product quality, competitive prices, and on-time delivery.

Our nearly three decades of continued growth, both in terms of sales and number of satisfied customers, is a validation of our approach to excellent customer service.