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Careers at Microwave Solutions, Inc.

Careers at Microwave Solutions, Inc.

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Openings at Microwave Solutions, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in exploring career opportunities with Microwave Solutions!

Microwave Solutions strives to provide a full package of employee benefits for its eligible employees. The successful applicants will enjoy benefits (after a 90 day evaluation) such as:

* Medical and Dental                           * 401(k)

* Employee Life Insurance                   * Tuition Assistance Programs

* Paid Vacation, Sick and Holidays


Microwave Solutions, Inc. needs a part time contract electrical engineer in support of the design of a computer controlled microwave test instrument.  Project during approximately 3 months for active portion, but also possible full time position might be offered to this individual within a year. 

This 1099 position will initially require 15-20 hours a week with design and debugging tasks to include hands-on programming and debugging of the software in order to create the firmware for an Arduino controller to set the instruments registers for controlling the various states of the instrument. 

Required Skills:  
1) Hands-on expertise and/or familiarity with Arduino and compatible controllers.
2) Strong C++ programming skills.
3) Ability to read and create prototype and production level electrical schematics and BOMs.
4) Ability to wire and route electrical components efficiently and professionally.
5) Understanding of software interrupts, and how and when to use them.   
6) Ability to devise and create test vectors and then perform cycle tests.
7) Familiarity with digital circuits, such as gates, registers, memory, RS-232 and USB circuitry.

8). U.S. Citizenship is required. 

Additional skills that are a plus!
1.)  Experience with RF and microwave circuitry such as amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, filters, and switches. Also, familiarity with impedance matching and microstrip and stripline principles.

2.) Familiarity with microwave communication concepts such as frequency translation, frequency multiplication, and Fourier analysis. 

3.) Familiarity with ATMEL’s software design tools and design suites.

Hourly salary ($25-$35 per hour) will depend on experience and skill set being offered.

Education: AS/BS in Electronics or Electrical Engineering
This  position is subject to a proposal. 

Please contact:

Edward M. Teyssier, President

Microwave Solutions, Inc.

National City, CA  91950

Tel:  619-474-7500 x202